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In response to the prop vs. set piece debate- I like to use an analogy of moving into a new house. Everything already there (walls, windows, molding, flooring, etc.) are a part of the set and everything that you bring in (chairs, curtains, light fixtures, etc.) are from props. In response to the fragmented set, I don't think it matters what the design is, the execution will still be done in the same way.

Great analogy! 

Hey there, I was just wondering what the difference is between a prop and a set piece? For example, on a bare stage, if the actor/s bring in chairs and use them to suggest a setting, are the chairs props or set pieces? (Also, is there such a thing as a 'fragmented set'?) Thanks! P.S your blog is a lifesaver, and so interesting. Thanks for keeping it up!!!

My usual answer to questions like this is:

Wherever the item would be stored after strike, is the department the item belongs too.

In the case of chairs I would argue thats a prop item and not a set piece.  

What do you mean by “Fragmented Set”?  

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Is it just me or are all the german stages really awesome?

German theater is the best!