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In response to the prop vs. set piece debate- I like to use an analogy of moving into a new house. Everything already there (walls, windows, molding, flooring, etc.) are a part of the set and everything that you bring in (chairs, curtains, light fixtures, etc.) are from props. In response to the fragmented set, I don't think it matters what the design is, the execution will still be done in the same way.

Great analogy! 

Hey there, I was just wondering what the difference is between a prop and a set piece? For example, on a bare stage, if the actor/s bring in chairs and use them to suggest a setting, are the chairs props or set pieces? (Also, is there such a thing as a 'fragmented set'?) Thanks! P.S your blog is a lifesaver, and so interesting. Thanks for keeping it up!!!

My usual answer to questions like this is:

Wherever the item would be stored after strike, is the department the item belongs too.

In the case of chairs I would argue thats a prop item and not a set piece.  

What do you mean by “Fragmented Set”?  

Glad to hear you enjoy the blog!  Tell your friends!

Is it just me or are all the german stages really awesome?

German theater is the best!

Hi! I was wondering if you could give some pointers on how to put together a design portfolio/what to include? I've gotten mixed answers and I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do. Thanks!

In terms of a designer portfolio I would suggest only including work that supports the type of artist you want to be. Include material that shows the breath of your work.

The biggest thing though is layout. Make your portfolio exciting to look at. No just plain print outs. Matte them at the very least. Make it so if you weren’t there to present it- anyone could pick it up and know exactly what they are looking at. If you can’t design a page of images well, why is someone gonna hire you to design a set- so presentation and style is key.

Hey! I'm currently working on a college-level production of Avenue Q. I know a lot of smaller/local theaters will hang on to their set for the show and rent it out after - I was wondering if any of your followers had worked on the show before and knew of places renting/selling the set? I live on the East Coast in the US!

Anyone got a suggestion?

Thank goodness for this blog.

Thank goodness for followers like you.